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Bozeman, Mt
Property Staging

Felicia creates a vision for potential buyers allowing them to see themselves living or working in the space of their dreams. With her modern neutral minimalist furnishings and decor, that appeal to the broadest range of consumer this process can be achieved through “soft” or “heavy” staging techniques.

Vacant properties can be more difficult to sell because they lack the warmth of a well-furnished home or office. With professional property staging she brings homes and commercial offices to life. Creating an inviting and luxurious space that sells!

Home property staging, bedroom interior design
Featured Projects
Home staged on Skyview Drive in Bozeman, MT

Skyview Drive

Modern Minimalism
Home Staging

Agency Office

Modern Minimalism
Interior Decorating

check out some more Designs

check out some more Designs

Bringing you more
value for your space

We understand the importance of a square foot. That’s why we focus on getting you the most value for your space. From professional property staging to increase the final sales price on your home, to reorganizing an office space for improved efficiency and workflow, to decorating an inviting family room for you to create lifelong memories, the experts at Steele Lux & Co. bring you the most value for your space.

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

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