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Bozeman, Mt
Property Staging

Felicia creates a vision for potential buyers allowing them to see themselves living or working in the space of their dreams. With her modern neutral minimalist furnishings and decor, that appeal to the broadest range of consumer this process can be achieved through “soft” or “heavy” staging techniques.

Vacant properties can be more difficult to sell because they lack the warmth of a well-furnished home or office. With professional property staging she brings homes and commercial offices to life. Creating an inviting and luxurious space that sells!

Home property staging, bedroom interior design
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Home staged on Skyview Drive in Bozeman, MT

Skyview Drive

Modern Minimalism
Home Staging

Agency Office

Modern Minimalism
Interior Decorating

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check out some more Designs

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We understand the importance of a square foot. That’s why we focus on getting you the most value for your space. From professional property staging to increase the final sales price on your home, to reorganizing an office space for improved efficiency and workflow, to decorating an inviting family room for you to create lifelong memories, the experts at Steele Lux & Co. bring you the most value for your space.

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

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Dan O'Dair
May 2022
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Felicia has an amazing eye for detail and is very passionate about design. Loved working with such a dedicated professional. Each project turned out great. Will definitely be working together again in the future!
April 2022
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I have worked alongside Felicia on some projects. She is an amazing person that'll turn your home into your dream come true! Would highly recommend if you're needing to freshen up your home and need a little help along the way
Amy Babcock
April 2022
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Felicia has real talent when it comes to spacial arrangements. She was able to walk in and completely rearrange my living and dining areas for a fresh, updated look. She also had great communication and helped sell my furniture quickly I would recommend her for any design or decorating projects.
Bill Mills
March 2022
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Complete home makeover success! Felicia has a vision to modernize my interior to match my taste and indoor lifestyle, and she executed on time and on budget. I did not realize that I am a minimalist that was living in a cluttered home until she showed me the way. Felicia has a way about her to introduce new concepts and allow the homeowner to warm up to the ideas and work with her to fine tune to a spectacular result. It was a smooth experience for me as she hired and held all the subs accountable and even sold most of the old furniture to subsidize the cost of the project.
Adriana Zyskowski
February 2021
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I worked with Felicia on two different projects - a home and a restaurant/boutique and she was great to work with! She's really friendly, organized, detailed, and always answered when I had a question. She's creative, and knows just how to transform a space into what you need!
Madison T Niebauer
August 2020
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Very helpful and creative! Felicia helped to transform my home into a more cozy and welcoming atmosphere. I’m definitely reaching out for help in the future!
Brandy Stewart
August 2020
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Felecia put together an office space for me. It was absolutely perfect. Very modern and classy. She does amazing work!
Sterling Grimes
August 2020
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Upon meeting Miss. Steele (Felicia) she was very open and friendly. We met through a friend and had them both over for dinner and games. Through out the night we hinted how we weren’t satisfied with the layout of our home as we found that it was horribly designed/laid out. She didn’t agree or disagree but her keen eye and creativity she immediately came up with a solution...
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