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Ready to have your beautiful property staged or designed with style? Call us today, to schedule your professional consultation. We would LOVE to see your space and help bring your vision to life.

At your Consultation

During your consultation we will discuss your goals and expectations. We will make an assessment of furniture, accessories, room focal points, paint colors, floors, lighting, clutter and repairs needed. At your consultation we will work with you to provide you with a detailed Action Plan including project timelines, estimated costs, and any planning required for outside services, such as painters or contractors.

Whatever your budget; we will work with you to make sure your project is both cost efficient and financially beneficial for you, and your family.

comprehensive list of Services

Comprehensive list of Services

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Client Reviews
Adriana Zyskowski
February 2021
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I worked with Felicia on two different projects - a home and a restaurant/boutique and she was great to work with! She's really friendly, organized, detailed, and always answered when I had a question. She's creative, and knows just how to transform a space into what you need!
Rem Shideler
August 2020
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Miss Steele completely turned it around. She was able to give my living space a more natural and aesthetic flow without adding anything, but by simply minimizing and re-staging the different areas and rooms. Definitely recommend this service for anyone looking to have a comfortable and professional look for homes or work spaces.
Madison T Niebauer
August 2020
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Very helpful and creative! Felicia helped to transform my home into a more cozy and welcoming atmosphere. I’m definitely reaching out for help in the future!
Brandy Stewart
August 2020
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Felecia put together an office space for me. It was absolutely perfect. Very modern and classy. She does amazing work!
Sterling Grimes
August 2020
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Upon meeting Miss. Steele (Felicia) she was very open and friendly. We met through a friend and had them both over for dinner and games. Through out the night we hinted how we weren’t satisfied with the layout of our home as we found that it was horribly designed/laid out. She didn’t agree or disagree but her keen eye and creativity she immediately came up with a solution...
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Leave Us a Review

Our Services

  • Taking measurements and photos of each room.
  • Decluttering, organizing, donating, selling and storage recommendations.
  • Arranging for repairs and enhancements such as painting, upgrading fixtures, floor refinishing.
  • Window treatments.
  • Furniture selection.
  • Selection of decorative accessories.
  • Furniture rental or purchases to supplement existing furniture.
  • Shopping for additional decorative accessories (bedding, throw pillows, towels)
  • Furniture placement.
  • Paint colors.
  • Lighting reconfiguration.
  • Staging accessories and bookcases
  • Art hanging.