Whatever the square footage or buyer demographic, I work with existing/consigned furniture, art and accessories, taking into account the target audience and always with a strict adherence to a client’s budget and tight deadlines.

I assess the style of the home against the likely target buyer demographic.  I use this assessment to portray an attractive, enticing lifestyle through the use of the right furniture, lighting, angles and accessories.

Home & Office
Property Staging

Beautiful designer southern home.

Home Staging

The consultation is approximately 2 hours but can take longer for large properties. My fee varies depending upon the location of the property and the amount of time.  While some homeowners take my recommendations and do it all themselves, a consultation is required before I am engaged to stage an owner-occupied home.       I stage occupied, vacant homes or model apartments.

Office Staging

Rent commercial office spaces like never before! Convert an empty interior space into an inspired and functional office, that will have potential renters lining up. I create a visual office space that showcases the potential of a vacant space for lease.

Modern office room interior with computer
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