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Reduce stress levels and establish a positive work environment. Having designated areas for your important documents, filing everything correctly, and having a clean and tidy workspace, not only improves productivity, but also helps to reduce stress and uplift your mood as you work. 

Tricky Space To
Professional Office

This office space was unusually narrow, and came sporting its own unique color pallet. The client came to us looking to have their office completely reorganized and redecorated. The primary objective was to make the space feel larger and create an organizational system to improve work flow.

To accomplish this, we selected simplistic neutral furniture pieces and natural light woods, that had clean lines, took up less space, and brightened up the room. Lastly, we focused on an open organizational concept, to avoid bulky cabinets that would make the office feel more in closed. The end result was a light modern professional office space, that is both functional and spacious feeling.

The Office space
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